Top 11 Best Trees

Hey guys. So we decided that it would be really cool if we outlined some of the best trees. This is of course, our bias opinion, but we truly believe these are some of the most aesthetically appealing and recommended for any landscape. It doesn’t matter matter whether you’re looking for a shade tree, windbreak tree, or just a beautiful tree to spice up the landscape, this list will have something for you! Enjoy.

weeping willow1. Weeping Willow – Salix Babylonica, also known as the weeping willow, is one of the most beautiful trees you will see. It is known for its “weeping” appearance, which in plain english means that the branches are slightly dropping. Weeping willow is a very aesthetically pleasing tree and should be used for any landscape that is looking to spice things up. It can be used as a centerpiece and will reach about 40-50 feet in height.

2. Crabapple – Crabapple, also known by its scientific name Malus selections, can bring some serious flair to any landscape. It produces crabapples along with beautiful white, red, and pink flowers. The fruit comes in three colors: red, burgundy, gold, and orange. These trees are very resistant and can withstand disease. On average, they will reach anywhere between 6-30 feet in height and width. For maximum growth rate, make sure it is planted in zones 3-8.

3. Red Cedar Tree – The Red Cedar tree, also known as Juniperus Virginiana, is a classic. It can grow up to 24 inches per year if exposed to the proper conditions. These conditions include full or partial sunlight. And as far as soil conditions, the Red Cedar tree can withstand pretty much anything including rocky, clay, fertile, and sterile soil conditions. It’s recommended that you plant it in zones 2-9.

4. Redbud – Cercis canadensis, or its more traditional name Redbud, displays some of the most visual appealing colors during the spring that you will see on any tree. Its pink and white flowers are absolutely outstanding. The good news is that this beauty is easily achievable because Redbud is actually a very easy plant to grow and maintain. This North-American native produces heart-shaped leaves during the spring, which will transform in to golden-yellow during the fall.

fast growing pine trees5. Fast Growing Pine Trees – Fast growing pine trees are becoming super popular because people are obsessed with the beauty they produce. At partial and full height, these trees provide amazing shade cover, natural borders, and are perfect for combatting heavy winds from entering your landscape. Most people don’t have time to wait for a traditional pine tree to grow, so the solution is to purchase fast growing pine trees. This species’ will grow about 50% faster than the traditional version.

6. Kousa Dogwood – Kousa Dogwood is often referred to by its scientific name Cornus kousa. This tree is responsible for one of the most beautiful spring shows when it produces gorgeous white and pink blooms. And don’t worry, this tree’s fall performance is just as impressive when it produces gorgeous reddish-purple foliage in the fall. On average, you can expect this tree to reach bout 10-25 feet in height and width with proper care.

7. Red Maple – Acer rubrum, also known as the Red maple, is just a pure classic. There aren’t many people who don’t appreciate the beauty and prestige of this tree. It received its name because of the beautiful red foliage it produces during the fall. The leaves also have a very unique shape and reddish tint, which make it a perfect tree for year-round eye appeal. In the fall, you can expect quite the show when the leaves turn bright yellow or red. The red maple performs best in zones 3-9 and can adapt very well to changing soil conditions. If the proper conditions are met, you can expect this tree to reach about 40-90 feet in height.

8. Saucer Magnolia – The Saucer Magnolia is often referred to by its complex scientific name Magnolia x soulangeana. During the mid to late spring, this tree produces beautiful white, pink, and purple blooms. Unlike many of the other trees, the Saucer Magnolia is not that resistant to harsh conditions. If exposed to proper conditions, you can expect this tree to grow to about 20 feet in height and width.

9. Silver Maple – Acer Saccharum, also known by its common name Silver maple, is an excellent addition to any landscape. Its vibrant colors make it a true showcase during the fall. For maximum growth potential, it is recommend that you expose this tree to full or partial sunlight and plant it in zones 4-9. You don’t need to worry too much about soil conditions because it adapts very well. If these conditions are met you cane expect this tree to reach about 20 feet in height and 15 feet in width.

10. Fast Growing Flowering Trees – Flowering tree that are fast growing are a favorite among landscapers, gardeners, and nurseries. These trees are one of the best for adding some life to a barren landscape without being overwhelming at the same time. The non-fast growing species does take quite some time to reach full height and width, so it’s highly recommended that you go with the fast growing flowering trees.

sugar maple11. Sugar Maple – The Sugar Maple is also known by its scientific name Acer saccharum. This is a very simple tree, but is still very beautiful. During the summer, it has very large green leaves and in the fall, it produces orange, yellow, and red leaves. On average, this tree can reach nearly 100 feet in height at full maturity as long the proper conditions are met. The sugar maple prefers zones 4-9 and full or partial sunlight.

I hope you enjoyed learning about some of the best trees there is and make sure you visit the resources above! There is some really good information to take a look at. Thanks for reading guys :)

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The Best Closet Doors NYC Can Offer

Closet doors are commonly overlooked when it comes to making additions to a home. But the truth is there are some homes that are simply more appealing when they have closet doors installed. If you are interested in selling your home then you are going to want to look into having professionals sell you closet doors. This is because you want to make sure that you invest into quality doors that are going to hold their value for a long time. You are also going to want professionals to install the doors for you, that way you know the job is completed properly.

A home on the market may have a hard time selling when potential home buyers recognize that you have not made the small efforts to upgrade the home in certain areas. Closets can be a big thing for some homeowners, but not for you. Keep this in mind when thinking about selling your home. Real estate agents should look into closet doors as well. These are available for all types of homes and rooms in and around the New York City area.

Avoid spending a lot of money on buying and installing closet doors. You do not want to waste a lot of time and effort on something that could cost much less. We have the best closet doors available at the most affordable price possible. It’s a good idea to make sure that you improve the quality of your home, yet it is not wise to do so at the cost of making a big dent in your bank account. Your return on investment should be worthwhile for you in the long run. We’ll help you find the perfect closet doors to add to your home so that you feel confident you got a good deal on them.

closet doors NYC

Call for a quick quote, or to see what type of closet doors NYC are available. We are here to assist you in any way possible. You should check back frequently to see if we have any specials or promotions going on as well, we sometimes have deals that you cannot refuse. Add close doors to your New York City home or apartment. After your new close doors are installed and available you’ll be surprised at how much of a difference it makes for your home. It’s appearance can have a subtle yet drastic change for the better.

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Why You Should Get Tested For STDs

This informative and super valuable article is brought to you by Accurate – your source for qualified STD testing in Houston. Contrary to popular belief that states STDs are a recent phenomenon, STDs are as old as people doing what naturally comes to them. Most infamously there are reports of syphilis outbreaks occurring hundreds of years ago, and many historians believe that some of our favorite historical figures may have died from sexually transmitted diseases. The difference between then and now is that we not only have cures for many STDs, but can also test for them long before they can be spread to many people.

Being tested for STDs regularly is important, not only for your own sexual well-being, but for those of your potential partners and even your family members. While it’s not incredibly common, there are some contact-based STDs that can be spread non-sexually, such as in blood transfusions or even by sharing a toilet. Of course, these situations are not always what we think of when the topic of STD tests comes up, but they are still important to consider, even if you are not sexually active.

Many people think that STD tests are only for those who have had sex, particularly unprotected sex. This is simply not true. Everyone should get tested long before they engage in sexual conduct. As mentioned before, certain STDs can spread even without physical contact. If you plan on donating blood, you should definitely get tested. In some parts of the world you cannot even be granted a marriage license without proving a lack of STDs in your system.

While not all STDs, such as herpes, are fatal and are a mere nuisance for many who have them, there are some, like syphilis, that can be cured but will prove fatal if left untreated. This is another reason it’s important to get regularly tested, even if you are not showing symptoms. Usually when you start showing symptoms for something like syphilis, your body is already starting to struggle with the infection. There are also, of course, diseases such as HIV which must be managed as soon as possible. Currently there is no cure for HIV, but if it’s caught early enough the prognosis is good for many victims.

It’s always important to take care of your health, especially if it may impact others. Get regular testing for STDs so you can live a long and full life. Not only will your body thank you, but so will those who love you.

If you’re in Dallas and not Houston, you’ll definitely want to check out this popular STD testing center in Dallas – this center is our partner and we have a ton of respect for them, so make sure you check them out if you’re looking for reliable testing.

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